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september 30th. our entire region is under a flood watch. heavy rain and thunderstorms from the remnants of tropical storm nicole are expected to pound our area with as much as five to seven inches of rain throughout the day. i'm andrea roane. she has the traffic. and you want to hear her report but first we definitely want to hear what howard has to say about the forecast. we are in the midst and feeling the rain and it's going to keep going. >> it's just beginning. we have a good 12 hours of this, maybe longer, especially south and east of town where the rains have been yesterday. some totals there are in the inches category and we are starting to see it move in. look at this flow of moisture. there's a little area of low pressure responsible for this coming past charleston in to northeastern south carolina and a ton of moisture. this stream of moisture goes through the bahamas, 800 miles long train of tropical moisture and it is right on top of us
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right now. we want switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. devon lucie is driving the controls this morning. you can see the rain falling in the area. the yellow and orange areas are really coming down. some one to two inches an hour and everything is lifting to the north at 20 miles an hour. the heavy stuff to the east across eastern prince georges, calvert counties, as well. this is coming from southern maryland where they have really been hit hard. another area of moderate rainfall to the north through montgomery county, loudoun county and lifting to frederick and carroll counties on i-70. a lot of rain out there. as we zoom in you will see the heavy showers in and around the metro. upper marlboro south and east coming down, cats and dogs and jason in the chat room said guinea pigs and everything at the same time. let's switch over to the storm
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totals from what we have been watching. locally you see the bands of the heavier totals to the west but southern maryland n to the northern neck, we have seen some numbers down there -- doppler estimates in the six- inch category already. that's this rainfall from the storm total. talk about the rain potential through saturday morning. some of our models are indicating this one band off to the eastern -- parts of eastern carolina to the eastern shore could be in excess of seven, eight inches. locally three to five inches. locally six or seven not out of the question. this is an incredible event we are just beginning. flood advisories. flood watch for everybody through 9:00 and i a do believe you will see the light green light up on the counties throughout the morning and midday as we will get numerous
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flood warnings. streams and creeks. i hope the gutters are in good working order. 68-degrees is the current temperature. warmer air will be drawn in and upper 50sin the shenandoah valley. even in to the 70-degree range later this afternoon. and the winds are gusting in spots 20 to 2 a off to the south and east. northernly winds in the shenandoah valley, places like manassas, northern virginia. and winds southeast toward southern maryland and the eastern shore. the day at a glance. 88 now. heavy rain and 74 at noon and strong gusty thunderstorms are possible with a light chance of isolated tornadoes in eastern sections later on. highs in the upper 70s. angie, it is 4:03. i had a lot to say. >> you sure did. go take a breather. hope you are off to a great thursday. leave early if you have to travel on the wet radios and
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give yourself extra room between the car in front of you. you will need it this morning. 95 in virginia. past 630 -- route 30 in stafford. the outer loop in virginia. the accident is cleared and looks like the inner loop is okay between 95 and 66. i want you to know in chevy chase we have a water main break. as a result of that we have willard avenue closed between river and north park road. they will be out there for quite some time. as we move it outside, 270 northbound, we have an accident at shady grove. going southbound, no problems to the split, just slick pavement. and the big thing we are watching, 70 eastbound between 29 columbia pike and the river bridge. it is shut down. all eastbound lanes because of an overturned tractor-trailer. hearing from howard county officials, they are thinking it will be cleared up and out of
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the way between 5:30 and 6:30 this morning so it will be here throughout the bulk of the morning rush. back to you. be careful what you wish for. remember we were talking about drought conditions in our area and how much we needed the rain? well, howard is here and he has more on how much rain we could get. we didn't need it all at once but we are going to get it. >> i want to focus on southern maryland, south central, calvert, tornado warnings until 4:30. the thunderstorms we were talking about a little rotation. heavy rains. take the doppler if we can. heavy rains with those storms and you see saint leonard, hollywood writ is coming down. the storm is moving north of 35 miles an hour. it has some rotation with it. and this will be the problem when off tropical system and it is sort of a tropical system, not a pure tropical system. but on the eastern side of the track you can see that. between plum point and
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arequestsco, there is a sign of rotation there. we are watching the storm and it will lift to upper marlboro. dunkirk, chesapeake beach watch for short lived low top tornado. a weak one but even a weak tornado can be damaging and that is a tornado warning in affect until 4:30 this morning. some locations we are watching at 08, sunshine acres 4:08. this is moving north at 25 miles an hour. and toward saint leonard maybe some hints and a little rotation down there. this is what you will find. almost like when you row a boat and you can see the itties in the water. you get these with heavy band of rain and you can see they are moving to the north. saint leonard getting some of
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that. an sigh -- see what else is going on down there. hollywood, lexington park, west of lusby right now. this is a tornado warning. the whole line has the potential of producing short- lived tornadoes until at least 4:30. and this is going to be a problem not just through 4:30 but up and down this morning from east and creeping to the metro later this afternoon. in the northern neck as well and we are seeing a lot of action in north carolina and southeastern virginia where they have a tornado watch in affect at this hour. and will likely see another one i'm thinking posted to the north of that across eastern virginia, southern maryland and the eastern shore as we go through the morning. this is potentially a very active weather day, not just a very wet weather day. i said it yesterday. if you can telecommute or take the day off, please consider that. do yourself and everybody else a favor by staying off the roads this morning. this rush hour will be a nightmare. we will come back in a few
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minutes. one more time, i want to say we have a tornado warning for south central anne arundel, calvert and eastern st. mary's until 4:30 this morning. that line of storms toward benedict, saint leonard through st. mary's city, as well. east of leonardtown. any of those cells have possibility of producing a short-lived tornado. i will be back shortly. over to you. as howard told us we are under a flood watch until this afternoon and right now we want to take a look at things close to the district. jessica doyle is live from old town alexandria, which is always a place with concerns of flooding. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. that's right. we are here in old town alexandria. we are on king street, right where it terminates by the waterfront and i want to give you a sense of how it is raining this morning. you can see it is coming down. we have seen it coming down at a fast clip in some instances. i want to take you for a walk over here. we have a storm drain and this will be an indicator for us of
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how quickly the rain is coming down. you can hear it coming down. we see a lot of ponding in the waterways because of the rain we have gotten. we want to show you video. we have video of storm prep are from yesterday. the crews were out. they were clearing out the storm drains. the risk, is flooding. that is always a risk here in alexandria. they have to be vigilant about cleaning out the drains and of course the other thing people do in old town is they tend to sandbag. of course the potomac is right here. as howard was saying we have that coastal flooding watch in affect. i have seen a bunch of estimates. anywhere from a risk of a five- inch above normal tide line to all the way to two to three feet above normal tide levels. i want to give you a sense of what kind of tide we are looking at today.
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low tide at 8:00 and high tide at 1:00. and that's the big risk. i want to bring you a sense of the conditions on the roadways today. we have a big puddle already accumulated here and it is only four in this morning so we will monitor the situation old town alexandria all day today and with that i will send it back to you in the studio. >> stay with 9 news now and for continuous coverage of today's weather. be sure to go to for a live look at the storm from doppler 9000 as it heads across our region. 9/11 first responders offer suffering -- suffering from numerous health problems are close to receiving compensation. and the struggling worldwide economy has led to protests and violence in parts of europe. you are watching 9 news now. it is 68 degrees. we'll be right back.
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the fbi says this shows what would have happened if the powerful blast would have happened last spring. it is part of the evidence the judge will consider before sentencing shah shah next week. he pleaded guilty to the bottom attempt and could get life in prison. first responders and ground zero recovery workers, who suffered health problems after 9/11 are one step closer to getting federal aid. the house passed a bill that will provide $7 billion for health care and compensation but it's not clear if or when the senate will take action on the bill. crowds fought with police as they demonstrated against pay cuts and a retirement pension. spain is struggling with a 20% unemployment rate an giant budget deficits. congress approved a measure aimed at -- aimed at guidelines
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for students suffering from concussions. and adhd may be a genetic condition. howard? >> still watching the tornado warnings right now to the east across south central anne arundel, calvert and eastern st. mary's until 4:30. we will update that on live doppler 9000 hd. a lot to talk about. 9 news now will return after this. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit i'm andrea roane. here with howard bernstein. let's get to it. >> we have the flooding rains and have to worry about severe weather in the form of tornadic thunderstorms and this morning we have a tornado warning for doppler indicated possibilities of tornadoes and rotating showers and thundershowers. i want to show you where the warning is. it is in southern maryland across anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's counties until
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4:30 this morning. hollywood, chesapeake beach, shady side, prince frederick. watch out. you can see the line of storms from west of annapolis. actually around bowie south to right along route 4 to saint leonard. anywhere on this line. we have several areas that steam to be showing signs of a rotation right now. you can see one west of north beach to benedict and saint leonard also. the possibility in this sort of a situation as these storms move north at 25 miles an hour that you can get a little rotation to develop. upper-level winds are pretty strong, and we have heavy, heavy showers. so that can transport the wind gusts to the surface or get a little spin right hoar. we have got widespread heavy rain. a little bit lighter as you head to west virginia and the shenandoah valley. but this is impressive stuff moving from south to almost north, west maybe slightly west of due north at this hour and there's a lot of rain going on
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here. you can see all of it here moving off to the north. let's go to southern maryland here because i want to focus, one more time, on what is going on down there. a little lightning is showing up to reedville and the northern neck with the heavy storms. look at this, east of leonardtown, west of lusby, the line west of saint leonard going to shady point and to the northern neck. very, very heavy rains. we will have those gusty winds here as well, and all of you folks along the coast, coast tall flood advisories, floods two to three feet above average with a persistent southeast wind. charles county, down 95. can you imagine doing that commute to work? if you can stay home and telecommute, do it. go back to the weather computer. i want to show you the bigger picture. this storm system is spinning from south carolina. there's the tornado watch box here, eastern north carolina, extreme southeastern virginia and this tropical flow of
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moisture covering everything and that's why all of us are under a flood watch until 9:00 tonight. you see some cloudiness but no rain in ohio. if you are trying to fly in or out of washington today it could be a difficult endeavor. check with your carrier. i think there will be a lot of delays due to the remnants of tropical storm nicole. the bus stop forecast for those who will brave it, heavy rain. temperatures ranging from the upper 50sin the shenandoah valley. sun up at 7:03. the day at a glance, heavy rain, heavy rain and heavy rain with lining and thunder in to the afternoon in the metro. some could be middle of the day. upper 70s. some of the warm air will work in toward us. and on the rain tapering to showers breezy. mid a 50s to mid-60s. upper 50s
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in particular tin -- martinsburg. devon, you are in the web center. >> i want to check if you go to we have storm reports. click on there and you can go to the storm reports and if you can tell us how much rain you have gotten at your home. really easy with the rainfall. if you are heading to school later on today, you can pick up a cylinder or dish or anything that will catch water in it and you can put it outside and measure how much rain you have gotten and tell us how much rain you are getting. what we are doing is we have a live interactive lay dare. you can move it around and also see where the heavy rain is heading and put it in motion
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and see where it is coming. also you can send in photographs. check it out at stay interactive with us. i'm checking the monitoring thing. you can tell us what you are seeing and help us out with what is going on here in the morning. >> estimates, several inches, three to five already in southern maryland. they could be pushing ten, a foot. ten inches to a foot down there by the time the storm is over and the moisture extends to the bahamas, the southern bahamas with this. a little circulation there but the bigger one is through south carolina with all of the rain. it will be an active day. if we are lucky, things will lessen a little bit during the afternoon. boy, this front here is helping to create that spin. remember the tornado warning until 4:30 to the south and
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east. northernly winds at the surface and more of an east to southeast wind on this side of the warm front. that's helping to spin things up here along with a strong upper-level winds. as we look at the future cast in motion. the heavy rains are with us through the day. here we are through noon. shutting down a little bit in southwestern areas of virginia. going to roanoke. another wave of moisture tonight. this is where this model differs a little bit. this next wave, many of the models are off shore with this. if this does happen, and this is the outliner. but if this happens we are talking rain totals southern maryland to the eastern shore in excess of a foot. much like they are seeing in north carolina where they have had some rain totals in southeastern north carolina this week alone in excess of 20 inches. there are widespread flood warnings in north carolina. and by friday afternoon we see better conditions and clearing moves in. see the disturbance here? this could give a chance of a
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sprinkle on saturday saturday and sunday. we will be feeling fall like by the time we get to the week. however, if you look at the seven-day forecast, we have upper 70s today. heavy rain, wind, flood watch until 9:00 and there will be flood warnings in low-lying areasful traveling at least through midday. it will be difficult potential already for much of the day, as well. tomorrow a shower, 74. and for saturday and sunday, temperatures drop off. could be a shower on sunday. only 62. hello october. monday 65 and nice weather on tuesday and wednesday. back in the low to mid-70s. 4:23. that's the time right now. time for traffic. good morning, everybody. hope you are up and at it. i want you to know the one big thing we are dealing with is a tough drive for a lot of tractor-trailer drivers. what we have is an overturned tractor-trailer on 70 eastbound. this is out in ellicott city area between columbia pike and the river bridge. all eastbound lanes of 70 were
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main closed. the alternate this morning, probably until 6:30 at least. that's what we are hearing from officials. it will be route 40 or 99 to get around it. take you to the outer loop. move it outside. a lot of wet roads and a lot of spray this morning. no accidents in maryland more north of the district. we are getting word of a flooding alert in the chevy chase area. back to the maps. high standing water on beach drive already and this is near franklin street. we will post these as we get them in, the flood t reports and where we have high standing water there on the home page. moving to virginia. 66 and the beltway remains incident fry out here and 395 you are doing all right from 95 making your way past shirlington to crossing the 14th street bridge. remember, watch those speeds and give yourself enough room. back to you. >> taking a look at the living well headlines, researchers have presented the first evidence that attention deficit
4:25 am
hyperactivity disorder is a genetic condition. a new study finds that children with adhd are more likely to have small pieces of their dna missing or copied compared to children that don't have the disorder. one in 50 children have adhd. for years many blamed the condition on poor parenting or high sugar diets. yesterday this house voted to set federal guidelines on managing concussions about student athletes. it called on the government to convene a conference of medical, athletic and education experts to develop guidelines which address the prevention, identification, treatment and million of concussions in school-aged children. they would include standards for allowing youngsters to return to play after suffering a concussion. the measure now moves to the senate for approval there. for more living well headlines, log on to our website at once there, click on the living well tab on the front page. more coverage of today's flood watch when we return.
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(train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey.
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welcome back to 9 news now. right now much of the eastern seaboard is getting battered by heavy rain and flooding brought on by the remnants of tropical storm nicole. flood watches are in affect in parts of north carolina through our region and up north. parts of the eastern shore are expected to receive as much as seven inches or more of rain before this is all over. welcome bark 9 news now.
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i'm andrea roane. >> we have problems on the roadway even though the traffic is light because of the rain. howard is here and you are saying the flood watch is in affect until 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> doppler has telling us how much rain has fallen, northern neck, four to six inches already. >> holy cow. >> we are seeing the rain come in across much of virginia, maryland through even eastern north carolina. they have been upwards of 20 inches in north carolina. live doppler 9000 hd, we are looking at a lot of rain. to the east, for another few seconds we are tornado warnings out until 4:30 in anne arundel, calvert county and eastern st. mary's. while these will expire i imagine we will have more. this is looking to the north. we are seeing red and green next to each other northeast of bene,

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